Welcome to Network for Animals  Volunteer program!

The majority of our work is direct-action-oriented – we help animals on the ground in countries around the world, often in remote areas where the need is greatest. 

NFA always puts the animals first. Every penny donated is maximized to benefit them. Costs are kept as low as possible. 

There is another critical component to our work: networking. It is in this area that NFA needs volunteers, people like yourself who care deeply for our animal friends. We live today in a very social network-centered world – this is how information is spread.

NFA needs help sharing our life-saving and life- changing message as widely and as quickly as possible so we can come to the aid of as many animals as possible. This is why I encourage you to join and become an active part of a very special and important group of our supporters…

Importantly, once you have signed up share your unique code on Facebook, email and messages with you network. Make sure they accept your invitation . 

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