NETWORKING(ing) for Animals is online networking, with the aim of improving the well-being of animals around the world. You help by encouraging friends, colleagues and other animal lovers to sign-up and asking them to encourage others to do the same.  The aim is to raise awareness about the plight of animals, which are in terrible trouble in many parts of the world. For every 100 people you sign-up, you get an entry into a draw with a cash prize of $5,000 to do what you think is best for the animals! Remember there is strength in numbers. The more networkers we have, the better it is for the animals.

A networker encourages other animal lovers to sign up. Once you have registered you can begin recruiting contacts to signup. To recruit new fellow Networkers just send them an email from your dashboard or email and boost your referrals. Encourage others to subscribe by providing them the link to join our list. To check on your progress, login at any time and visit your dashboard.

Becoming a networker is simple, all you have to do is a sign up on the site. Then you will receive an email that confirms your participation when you click the link and you're on your way. Sign in and go to your dashboard on the top right,  enter an animal lover's name and email and send them an invite, please don't forget to ask them to do the same in a short message. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters. This will add you to the Networker's database and keep you up to date on our activities and actions around the world. Next, simply sign up here.

Encourage your friends – everybody in your address book and among your Facebook friends list to:
Our Social Networks
  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY, ask this group of friends, once they begin to receive our communications (which will be almost immediate) to share our messages, alerts, and videos with their friends, just as you have done by taking the steps above.
  2. If you belong to any animal-friendly Internet forums please post frequently about NFA’s work, share the communications you receive and ask others to do the same.

Every 100 Networkers introduced by you earns you one entry into the final draw. Every additional 100 names entitle you to another entry to the final draw. There is no limit to the number of entries you may earn and the more entries you have the better your chances. The winner will be notified via email. The winner will be awarded $5,000.

Many NFA supporters ask if they can accompany us on search and rescue missions. Your safety is important to us and some of the areas where we work are so dangerous we have to be accompanied by armed security. For liability reasons, Network for Animals can only take trained professionals on such missions. However, you can volunteer directly at one of our partner shelters near you.